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"This 6-week Praxis Preparation class is awesome and I would have never passed the Praxis I without it! I was awarded a full scholarship to graduate school and needed to pass the Praxis I in order to keep my scholarship. I had taken the Praxis I exam several times and could not pass. With the Professor's help I raised my math score from a 169 to a 174 and I raised my writing score from a 170 to 173. These extra points were all I needed to pass the Praxis I. Now I am on my way to becoming a teacher and I couldn't be happier!


We Offer Everything You Need to Pass the Praxis I Mathematics Test!

Welcome to Praxis Math Prep! We have everything you need so that you can be successful on the Praxis I Mathematics Test. We offer FREE mini practice tests, full-length practice tests, as well as an online course. 

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Each of our FREE mini practice tests (Free Mini Test 1 and Free Test 2) consistes of 12 questions, are untimed, and provide you with answers and detailed explanations once you have completed the test.

Our full-length practice tests (Full-Length Practice Test 1 and Full-Length Practice Test 2 and Full-Length Practice Test 3) are 75 minutes long, consist of 46 questions, and once completed, immediately provide you with your score, answer solutions, and detailed explanations.